Our Vision

Vision, Belief & Commitment



U4C is inspired, and guided, by an unshakable belief that the human experience everywhere is worthy of satisfying, productive, sustainable and peaceful existence. We envision a world guided social justice and respectful of fundamental human rights.

Beliefs and Values

The resources needed to break the cycle of extreme poverty vary around the world. Far too many people and communities are left behind and remain in a permanent state of disadvantage and risk through no fault of their own. We believe, with proper assistance, those marginalized by isolation and a lack of resources can achieve the capacity to overcome the serious challenges they confront.


Strategies that fall short of addressing many of the contributing factors leading to extreme poverty far too often leave disadvantaged people with false promises of improving their lives. U4C is committed to developing programs that can genuinely inspire and support positive, sustainable change within the people and communities we serve.

Partnership & Collaboration

U4C is committed to collaborating in ways that are genuinely effective for the people and communities we serve. Our view is that global development organizations, the business sector, academia and other entities, committed to helping people overcome extreme poverty, need to collaborate openly, honestly, and effectively. In a world of finite resources, contributors should offer only those services they can provide most efficiently and effectively. This is essential in assuring that finite resources achieve optimal impact in the cause of human development

Respect & Trust

Highly respectful of local cultures and leadership, U4C seeks to engage the communities it serves as full partners by encouraging self-determination and facilitating the advancement of human and community development.


U4C believes that sustainability is achieved by empowering the people we serve. We do not impose external remedies on the communities we assist. Rather, we utilize our comprehensive approach to inspire and support the development of local solutions thereby bringing about effective and lasting change.