Our Story
Believing that all human beings are worthwhile, significant, and deserving of healthy, happy, and productive lives, U4C works with vulnerable groups living in extreme poverty and empowers them, especially women and their families, through improved access to healthcare, education and literacy, leadership and entrepreneurial training programs.

In 2010, my family and I visited Bolivia, our country of origin. We traveled to a remote mining town called Caracoles, approximately 7 hours outside of metropolitan La Paz City. While in Caracoles, we met a woman who was born and raised in that very dangerous and devastatingly cold mining area. Her name was Luisa and at that time, she was representing hundreds of other women waiting to greet us. Most of the women Luisa represented had lost their husbands in underground mining accidents, a tragedy far too common for most miners. Many of the women were working as miners or were sending their children to work in the mines.

The Stark Reality

Luisa told us that because this mining town was so isolated, there were no secondary schools, hospitals or clinics nearby. Access to services for the most basic needs were nonexistent. Luisa was only 35 years old, but she said she hoped it would be possible to live 10 more years to see her kids go to school, desperately wishing a better life for her children. Every day, Luisa risked her life in the mines as she pursued her ambition to improve circumstances for her children. Sadly, the typical miner only lives to the age of 45. Luisa was a woman with very little selfconfidence and her experience was that she was entirely on her own, feeling the world had forgotten her.
Too many women like Luisa, living in remote and fragile areas around the world and even in isolated parts of urban communities, experience extreme poverty and oppression. Because of this stark realization, U4C was created to develop opportunities, especially for women like Luisa and their children, to improve the lives of disadvantaged and disenfranchised people through a comprehensive, integrated set of services including improved access to healthcare, education/literacy programs, leadership and entrepreneurial training as well as alternatives for economic sustenance through development of microenterprises.

Respecting Local Cultures

U4C has exercised great care to achieve a genuine client centered approach, engaging the people and communities it serves as full partners. Respecting local cultures and leadership while providing the kinds of services U4C offers is complex, but promises greater sustainability through empowering the people and communities we serve. Today, as a result of U4C’s engagement oriented programs, Luisa is a self confident woman who provides strong leadership for other women, encouraging them to participate in U4C’s programs. She’s proud of the knowledge and skills she has acquired. She is better able to provide for her children as a result of additional income earned through participation in a microenterprise that Luisa herself and a group of women developed and manage with U4C’s support.

Effective Sustainable Projects

What started as a family project has evolved into a mission to facilitate partnerships and collaborations with other social entrepreneurs, innovators and global development practitioners. Through the support of private foundations, businesses and individuals, the goal of adapting our comprehensive approach in more communities is being realized. By creating effective and sustainable projects, U4C is tackling the challenges vulnerable groups face every day in the areas of extreme poverty, education, health, water & sanitation, economic empowerment, gender inequality, transparency, and environmental sustainability.
U4C is inspired and guided by an unshakable belief that the human experience everywhere is worthy of satisfying, productive, sustainable and peaceful existence. We envision a world with social justice and fundamental human rights.