News From The Field

United4Change Center hosted a Service Abroad to Bolivia last April in preparation for an anticipated global grant from the Rotary International Foundation. Participants in this visit included the founders Josefina, Carla, Sonia and Ximena Murillo and representatives from Rotary Clubs San Jorge from La Paz and Rotary Clubs Hobbs and Lovington from New Mexico.


Workshop Presenters

During their visit to Quime, a hub town for 8 mining cooperatives, the participants met with local officials and community leaders, conducted (along with local healthcare and social service professionals) a medical awareness workshop (focusing on maternal and after-birth child health), provided critically needed supplies, and conducted several home visits. The visit further strengthened U4C connections with the local community and established a process for moving forward with a proposed initiative intended to enhance adult literacy and medical engagement among local women, subject to receipt of needed funding.

U4C invited 50 local women to participate in the workshop, but was pleasantly surprised when 70 women showed up. According to Dr. Sonia Murillo-Branin, “we were thrilled to have such a turnout, which is evidence of the confidence the local community has in U4C.” Ximena Murillo said, “We have worked for several years to develop the trust and confidence of residents of Quime. We have deliberately positioned U4C has a part of the community to enable us to be more effective.” The Mayor of Quime, Paulino Villanueva noted, “The community is ready to make needed progress in helping local women to enhance the health and wellbeing of their families and pursue new economic opportunities. We are anxious to launch this critically important initiative with U4C and Rotarians.”

Representing the Hobbs, New Mexico Rotary Club, Kelly Holladay said, “this trip helped us better understand the compelling need and opportunity for enhancing quality of life in mining communities and, as well as better appreciating the exceptional capabilities of U4C in achieving the goals of the initiative. I am can say, in behalf of my fellow Rotarians, we are very proud to be involved in such a worthwhile project and to partner with other Rotary Clubs and the Rotary International Foundation in providing essential support.”