News From The Field

United4Change Center (“U4C”) announced that it has reached agreement with Edge Philanthropy, LLC (“Edge”) to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a planned project in Quime, Bolivia.  The project is the subject of a global grant application to the Rotary International Foundation.  Edge (New Mexico) has agreed to conduct the evaluation of the planned initiative without charge for its services in support of U4C’s efforts to address extreme poverty in vulnerable communities like Quime, a community that supports regional mining operations.

Ximena Murillo, U4C President & CEO, said, “We are grateful to Edge for making this commitment and to do so without a fee.  U4C is highly committed to objective evaluation of its services with the intent of assuring institutional accountability and further its ability to learn from its initiatives.”  U4C’s mission is supported by organizational values that include commitments to inter-organizational collaboration in ways that significantly leverage operational assets for maximum value.  “By integrating the resources and services of collaborating entities, we are able to reduce project costs while assuring that a very high percentage of project-related revenues remain targeted on direct project costs rather than overhead.”

The two Edge principal investigators who will perform the evaluation of the Quime project have over thirty years of experience in overseeing and evaluating social service and healthcare projects.