Our Partnerships

The Necessity Of Collaborations

12   Collaborations
No one has sufficient resources to “go it alone” regarding human and economic development, especially within the context of the most vulnerable people and communities. As such, U4C strongly subscribes to the belief in the absolute necessity of close coordination, and effective collaboration with local stakeholders, civic organizations, governmental agencies, private businesses and other NGO’s. U4C is highly committed to, and experienced in, interorganizational collaboration. We believe that resources in terms of intellectual capital, networking assets, and financial resources are more abundant when there is interorganizational collaboration.
Multistakeholder partnerships and collaboration are critical to the work of U4C because these relationships strengthen our approach and the programs we foster.
Because we welcome partnerships that seek to optimize effectiveness and efficiency over organizational territorialism for the purpose of maximizing sustainable impact, we carry out a duediligence process when working and collaborating with our local and international partners.

The following organizations are typical of the partners with whom we engage in the course accomplishing our goals.

Local Partners

  • Country/local NGO
  • Country/local University
  • Local Authorities
  • Local Professionals
  • Local Institutions (schools, hospitals, banks)
  • Local businesses

International Partners

  • Universities
  • Corporations / Businesses
  • Private/Public Foundations
  • Private/Public Foundations
  • Other Organizations & Entities