Our Approach

Access To Empowerment?

U4C carefully engages the groups and communities we serve with client­centered, culturally­respectful strategies aimed at overcoming structural impediments to human and economic development. Our comprehensive approach focuses on three critically important pillars. The absence of any one of these will result in a less than sustainable outcome. Those pillars include improving education, information, and training in the areas of healthcare, local leadership development, and creating sustainable microenterprises.
  • Education​: We have learned that literacy affords people a better understanding of their circumstances and the ability to recognize opportunities. However, literacy in itself is not necessarily a source of new information. As such, we believe that once literacy is enhanced to a reasonable extent, it is essential to introduce important and highly relevant new information that can significantly improve livelihoods.
  • Information​: With access to and the assimilation of new information, people are much more capable of navigating their own efforts toward improving their living conditions in the areas of legal rights, health and nutrition, and recognizing business opportunities.
  • Training​: Enhanced literacy combined with strategic new information creates the readiness for training that can both reinforce new learning at the individual level and instill leadership in families, social groups, and communities. Training can establish and accelerate the achievement of individual goals through acquiring sustainable business development skills.
As we actively evaluate our efforts, our experience suggests that a solid, supportive foundation stimulates self­determination and improved quality of life.