Making A Difference

Reaching Isolated Communities


The Path To Sustainable Outcomes

Making a difference by achieving a sustainable social impact is challenging. Creating a sustainable impact means engaging the local community as a partner when identifying the challenges, developing the strategies, and implementing the services and solutions that will create lasting positive outcomes for the community.


We are highly attentive to the local culture and leadership of the communities we select to serve. By embracing each community individually and engaging their leadership as valued partners, we are more likely to encourage attitudes that embrace change and fostering development. We also realize that it is essential to partner with government and other NGO’s to assure that resources are accessed and consumed in highly efficient ways. Finally, our governmental and NGO partners contribute valuable intellectual resources to our efforts. Collaboration can enhance impact significantly and avoid costly redundancy. 


We engage our partner communities in assessing their challenges and needs. We seek an inside-out understanding of problems, and visions for improvement. Building a foundation that encourages local ownership of emerging strategies is a building block of sustainability.

Project Design:

We begin by demonstrating a genuinely empathic understanding of the communities we serve. We continue by establishing a highly collaborative process for identifying the specific challenges confronting those communities. And we end by introducing consensus driven, locally relevant, evidence-based solutions.

Implementation and Leadership Training:

We provide leadership training designed to inspire local ownership of the initiatives identified and implemented by the local community. A positively impacted community is one that can continue, preserve and foster the lessons, skills, and programs advanced by U4C.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

We rigorously monitor and evaluate the impact and outcomes of the initiatives we advance. Uncompromising quantitative and qualitative evaluation of our programs serves to enhance both our overall experience in community development and in the creation and implementation of specific programs. No single individual or entity possesses all of the knowledge needed to lift communities and individuals out of extreme poverty. While we have come a long way in gaining the knowledge essential to empowering communities, we continue to challenge both our partners and ourselves through continuous assessment.

Social Impact:

U4C understands that self reliance, problem solving, and collaboration are the paths to meaningful and sustainable social impact.