Social Impact Leadership Program
Based upon U4C’s extensive experience in leading for social impact, we offer programs aimed at developing future Social Impact Leaders. Our programs are designed for international/global development professionals, social work practitioners, students of social change, and social entrepreneurs who are looking to gain handson experience in the design and implementation of social ventures.

Individuals and organizations around the world are seeking knowledge of best practices to create positive lasting outcomes for disadvantaged individuals and communities. The cause of advancing human and societal development demands ever increasing scale and impact. U4C has learned a great deal as it continuously scans the knowledge base to evaluate and modify and transform its own strategies. U4C’s internationally recognized work has produced important insights in how to enhance social impact. While we continue to pursue our own projects, we also believe that it is critically important to share what we are learning with colleagues across various domains, geographies, and borders, but within the shared objective of human and societal development. In this regard, we have developed training programs and experiential offerings to help Social Impact Leaders create initiatives and/or enhance the scale and impact of their own work.

Enhancing Impact for Social Good

  • U4C works with practitioners and students in the fields of global development, social work and social entrepreneurship.

  • U4C’s Social Impact Leadership program facilitates learning and understanding of best practices for leadership in sustainable development.

  • Social Impact Leaders are exposed to complex social issues in South American and African communities and are provided opportunities for involvement in U4C's many initiatives to enhance their knowledge and skills in field research, project leadership, strategic planning, and grants management.

Social Impact Leaders

  • Gain handson experience in the design and implementation of social impact projects.
  • Connect directly with vulnerable communities through U4C’s study service abroad opportunities.
  • Learn, share best practices and experience innovative solutions to global challenges.
  • After completion, participants will become part of a Global Network of Social Impact Leaders [connect, share best practices, collaborate]

If you are a social innovator passionate about achieving social impact globally, we want to hear from you. Submit your statement of interests and CV to our Houston, Texas Headquarters at or call us at: 8329684349