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United4Change Center

We're an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization that advocates international development by providing a platform to learn, connect and work together in the design and implementation of positive and lasting environmental, social and economic projects.

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From New Mexico to Bolivia:   A profound experience for Rotarians

The Hobbs and Lovington Rotary Clubs of New Mexico have been supporting the implementation of U4C’s featured project in mining communities of Bolivia. In 2012, a delegation of five Rotarians visited Bolivia and the mining communities, working along with the U4C Bolivia Team to assess these communities' needs, specifically in the area of health.  In May 2013, two health campaigns were carried out successfully impacting more than 50 families in Quime and Caracoles (La Paz-Bolivia):  A Maternal-Infant and Preventive Dental Care.  

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PhD Students Undertaking Preliminary Research Bolivia

This summer, a research team will head to La Paz and its surrounding communities in order to investigate issues faced by displaced and developing communities. This trip will inform a future study to be designed by the team after meeting and working with these communities.  The research team consists of Melissa Torres, MSW - current PhD student at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work - and James Arango - current Masters student at the University of South Florida Graduate Program in Applied Anthropology and College of Public Health.  Support this effort!


U4C and the Graduate College of Social Work - University of Houston

U4C is proud to be working with the GCSW of UH to support its Latin American Initiative.  There are two important upcoming events this summer 2013.